Funime in Anime

Topics: Anime, Manga, Japan Pages: 2 (378 words) Published: December 24, 2012
Anime is a broad Japanese art form and style, which has encompassed a large number of media, from comics or manga, fan-made literature and art to the conduction of events. It is a rich and colorful industry with enormous following all over the world for its interesting plots and themes as well as the culture it offers. In this paper, gathered information enlightens the fact that the topic anime is a fun medium that fans are able to relate with. It is an entertainment. Moreover, some say that it is “a way to experience another reality” while others believe that it aids the imagination and serves as a companion. Most anime fans in Metro Manila are students ranging in a moderate degree of fandom. They are fascinated in Japan generally, their food and music, being the industry’s origin. Expressions of this love for the form evolve from simple fan-made expressions to a way of life (imitation of anime characters, principles). Interest in other anime sectors especially the manga or comics category is most evident as well. From the findings therefore, the research team has attached primary and secondary data, an industry background, analysis and the topic’s marketing mix that will cater a solution in support to the creation of a themed anime convention or event. Since anime still takes part as minority groups in the society, the team will base on the insights of this sector. The best and broadest idea and concept generated are utilized to concretize the executions.

FUNime Fest
FUNimé Fest is an anime convention built to cater fun, entertainment and love for Japanese anime amongst Filipino fans. It is a celebration of Japanese culture itself and the anime industry through displays of exciting, new and well-loved series and characters, ranging from shounen to shoujo and prominent genres (comedy, romance, adventure, action and drama). It is basically an expression of oneself and an escape from reality. Expect fan made literature and art...
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