Fundraising Presentation

Topics: Need, Want, Strategic planning Pages: 9 (2443 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Fundraising Presentation, Gyumri
April 15 –April 16, 2013

I. The Basics of Fundraising
a. What is fundraising?
i. Raising money for a cause or project
ii. Includes building a prospect pool, asking for money or in-kind donations, meeting donor expectations, clearly defining needs and resources, thanking the donors (stewardship), events, public relations, and monitoring and evaluation iii. Most important aspect: relationships, which can take time to develop b. Why is funding diversity important?

iv. Chair example: If a chair only has one leg, it is unstable and will fall over. The more legs a chair has, the more stable it becomes. Same for an organization, if an organization has a sole funder, their success is determinant upon the stability of that relationship and continued funding. The more funders an organization has, the more stable they are. If one funder pulls their support, the organization does not collapse. c. Think about your organization for which you are fundraising (hand out index cards for everyone to write their answers) v. What is their mission?

vi. What is their vision?
vii. Why do they exist?
viii. What would happen if this organization didn’t exist? ix. Why are you here?
x. Can everyone from your organization, your community, your beneficiaries, your donors, etc clearly define the mission of the organization and is it basically the same? xi. Is the financial support you have received in the past and are looking to secure in the future in line with your mission? xii. Look at yourselves as a public benefit organization d. Presentation of the Organization

xiii. Are you all working towards the same mission? xiv. “Elevator Pitch”
1. Clear and concise description of your organization, its work, and its value 2. Thirty seconds to two minutes (one of the most important interactions with your donor) 3. All staff, volunteers, and those associated with your organization should have a pitch 4. Give Peace Corps example

5. Homework for second day
xv. Needs of the NGO
6. Needs include money, resources, materials, trainings, etc. 7. Can you tell me today what your specific needs are and how much those needs would cost? (Financial/ Resources Needs Assessment) xvi. Public Relations

8. Website, Newsletters, Email Updates, Facebook page 9. All of your social media and newsletters should be consistent with each other, updated at the same time with comparable information 10. We’ll go into more details about Public relations shortly e. Donor Expectations

xvii. If you were to give money to an organization, what would you want in return? 11. Elevator Pitch
12. Clearly defined mission and vision
13. Reasons why they should invest in your NGO/project 14. Projects, ideas, and plans for which you need financial support 15. Overview of successful projects you have done in the past 16. Reports

17. Good reputation in the community and with beneficiaries 18. Communication, Honesty, Transparency
19. Commitment and cohesiveness of the staff
20. What exactly you are going to do with their money f. Donor Relations and Stewardship
xviii. Updates to donor
xix. How are you thanking them?
xx. How are you recognizing their donation?
xxi. Will they give again?
xxii. Will go into more details about this shortly
II. Identifying and Working with Donors
g. Donor Prospect Pool
xxiii. Who might want to give to this organization? (brainstorm a list) 21. Parishioners of the church
22. World Vision, Caritas,...
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