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By | Feb. 2012
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ALL proceeds will go to support
The Ronald McDonald House Charities

* Theme
I plan on using a cosmic theme for my Fundraiser. The regular house lights in the bowling ally will be turned off so special red, blue, green, white, pink and purple strobe lights can be turned on. There will also be a huge ball that lights up starts on the walls of the bowling ally. The solar system planets will be hanging from the ceiling. There are black lights that will light up the bowling. There will be a variety of music people can play on the jukebox. Lasers beam around the room. The bowling will be the main part of entertainment at the fundraiser that evening. There will be 3 raffles for 20 dollar gift cards to the bowling ally. Tickets will cost $1.00 a piece. There is a game area also to play in. At the end of the night the three persons with the highest scores will receive first, second, and third place trophies

* Location
The first place I would like the fundraiser held would be Ten Down located in Roseburg, Oregon. This is my first choose because it has really good food served plus it can occupy a large number of people with no problem.

The second Place the fundraiser can be held is at Strike City Lanes Bowling Center in Eugene, Oregon. Strike City has other entertainment on its grounds like Mini Golf, Laser Tag, Indoor Playground, Arcade, Billiards and Pizza to eat.

The third place the fundraiser can be held is at Lava Lanes in Medford, Oregon. Lava Lanes has a very nice floor plan as for food services to.

* Entertainment
There will be a jukebox for music to entertain the people at the fundraiser so the atmosphere is not dull.

There will be bowling for everyone. Bowling is where you glide a bowling ball down a lane and nock down the pins. The more pins...

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