Fundamentals of E-Business

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Fundamentals of E-Business

E-Business Plan for Toys “R” Us

Table of Contents

Company DescriptionPage 3

Marketing PlanPage 4

Target MarketPage 4

Online StrategiesPage 4 - 5

Offline StrategiesPage 5

The CompetitionPage 5 - 6

SWOT AnalysisPage 7 - 8

Customer Relationship Management Plan (CRM)Page 9 - 10

Architecture PlanPage 10

Infrastructure NeedsPage 11 - 12

Infrastructure SourcesPage 12

Enterprise Resource Plan (ERP)Page 13 – 14

Supply Chain Management Plan (SCM)Page 14 – 15

Competitive Tracking PlanPage 15 – 16

Conclusion Page 17

ReferencesPage 18 - 19

Company Description

Toys R Us can be traced back to 1948 with founder Charles Lazareus who opened a baby furniture store in Washington, D.C.. Since becoming public back in 1978 this company has built a reputation as “an authority on toys and children’s products” (, n.d.). Being a specialty retailer of toys, Toys R Us, Inc has around 873 stores throughout the US and Puerto Rico and around 520 stores internationally. This distinguished company specializes in infant toys through juvenile-products which includes both girl and boy toys such as dolls and accessories, action figures, games, stuffed animals, puzzles, video game systems and software, electronics, computer software, and DVDs the list goes on. It is said that “over 70% of households with kids under 12 shop at Toys R Us” (Inc5000, 2010). With this type of selling power it is no wonder that it is the nation’s largest chain of toy stores.

In 1996 Babies R Us was introduced and has grown to more than 260 locations nationwide. Here at Babies R Us, they feature in a wide selection of products from newborns through the toddler years. You can find all baby gear, furniture, and baby care needs as well as plenty of unique gifts and ideas. This dominating company doesn’t stop there. In continuing with guiding parents, they also operate, an online resource site for new or soon to be parents.

Marketing Plan

Target Market

It is no guess who this company wants to target; “kids rule the aisles while parents tag along for the ride at Toys "R" Us” (, n.d.). Children these days always want the latest and greatest products out there, and as parents we want nothing more but to help give them the toys that can assist in learning to explore their imaginations and challenge their minds. When it comes to advertising and marketing toys, young children are the key; they hold a great deal of decision-making power. One of the best marketing strategies they use and rely on is the “pester power; this refers to children’s ability to nag their parents into purchasing items they may not otherwise buy” (Media Awareness Network, 2010). Kids represent an important demographic to marketers because they have their own purchasing power, “they influence their parents' buying decisions and they have a huge control over parent spending” (Media Awareness Network, 2010).

Online Strategies

E-business has radically changed how many businesses operate. With the increasing popularity of online shopping, Toys R Us has made sure to have many features and information located on their website. By having features like product description, other buyer’s reviews and product safety this has helped with many returning to the web site. Toys R offers suggestions on what toys you might be interested in with remembering your past purchases or offering a “bundling of items” with similar toys. Toys R Us has been notorious for their “Great Big Toys R Us Book,” which comes out in time for the holidays. For the online users, they send out an email stating that the Great Big Toy book is available to be viewed. Once you get to the site...
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