Fundamentals of the Scientific Method and Research

Topics: Scientific method, Quantitative research, Science Pages: 3 (831 words) Published: October 9, 2012
Webster dictionary defines scientific method as the collection of data through observation and experiment, and the formulation and testing of hypotheses. Basically, the scientific method has five steps, in which each step is crucial to finding answers. The Scientific method is used in the Human Service industry to help find solutions to social through Quantitative and Qualitative research which this paper will thoroughly discuss. The first step in the Scientific method is to define the problem. In order to find solutions to a problem the problem must be pinpointed and then ways to observe and measure must be determined. The second step is to state a hypothesis. This was something from a long time ago and it doesn’t have to be done this way but stuck in my head. My middle school science teacher taught us that this is a question. It should start with “If”, and finish with “then” so that it is turned from an assumption into a question. A good example ago but would be, if we made more employment seeking services available to those receiving unemployment checks, food stamps, and other assistance and put more strict weekly guidelines on searching for employment then would it reduce the time that they will be unemployed or on government assistance? The third step would be to reason the outcome through deductive reasoning in order to find ways to determine if the hypothesis is true. The fourth step is to begin collecting data. In this case that I mentioned there will need to be some experimenting with new programs and new guidelines, then observation. We will also need to begin researching new and old information on this topic. The fifth and last step would be to confirm or reject the hypothesis. We can do this by measuring the success rate and a timeframe of seeking unemployment. This study could take months to conclude, and would probably include different objectives to see which one is the most beneficial. People are very complex and when conducting research on social...
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