Fundamentals of Marketing Management

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  • Published : October 24, 2011
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Advanced Marketing
Section 1 Exam
Question 1:
Each department in the enterprise can contribute to the success of the enterprise by not only performing its own tasks well but also collaborating with other department to successfully implement core business processes which include five processes listed below: a. The market sensing process: it is also called as the process of identifying specific needs and segments of market. Not only that, it is also analyzing competitors and performance measurement, value assessment and technology which was released in 1982. This is a significant example for the market sensing process. b. The new offering realization process: these activities involve in research, development and launch new high-quality services or products in the fast-paced market within the limited budget. The best example for this new offering realization process is the application of Lean methods to shoe-making technology of Nike. By carrying out the Lean principles, Nike has been able to reach the major reduction in making lead time, all kinds of wastes. Eventually this can help in reducing the cost of the product which may help in boosting the sale target. c. The customer acquisition process: this is also one of the significant phases in the business development. In this development the aim markets and the potential customers will be defined that would help the entrepreneurs to build up the effective and efficient marketing strategy. One of the famous examples for the customer acquisition process is a Nike ID. Nike has created the Nike ID line for the customers who want to customize their own shoes such as football glide. There are certain customers who are willing to pay more to customize the shoes’ width. Customer’s shoe design will be received by Nike ID team and the order of production will be sent to the manufacture. They will start making the shoe exactly as a customer wants. The shoes will be delivered after few weeks of procession. d. The customer relationship management process: the relationship management process is involved in with everyone in the company with the customers. The customer relationship management is based on the needs, inputs and feedbacks of customers. This will show how much satisfaction the customers have for the company. This is very important because the company knows where they should start to improve to be a successful company. One of the examples is also about Nike. Nike has built up the return policy and the defective return center. This is very helpful because it will help in solving claims from customers and quality issues. e. The fulfillment management process: this process consists of transactions of the order and approval, on time shipping and payment collection. Another example for this process is also about Nile. Nike has applied a very good RPM system which supports control of purchasing orders, planning, shipping and delivery worldwide. Reference:

Philip Kotler, Kevin Lane Keller (2009), Marketing Management, 13th Edition, Page 75 – 76 Question II:
I am holding a position in management in Human Resource of Nike Inc. Vietnam. In my own opinions and observation, I think that the most significant demand state which is very irregular because of the period of time such as monthly, weekly, daily or even hourly and it may be seasoning. There is low season and high season. In order to adjust to the irregular demanding, Nike partners have to prepare themselves for this such as ready in their labor force, well-planned for production. On the other hand, there are seven demands below which are ranked accordingly to their own significant: 1. Declining demand: this is a sign of decreasing in demand or no demand. 2. Overfull demand: when the company cannot cater the needs of the customers. 3. Full demand: it is said that the supplies and the demands are equal. 4. Unwholesome demand: the products still attract consumers that cause the increase of demand...
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