Fundamentals of Local Area Networks

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  • Published : March 26, 2013
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1.A family wishes to connect several devices to share an internet connection and a Bluetooth wireless printer. They have three personal computers. One is in the same room as the printer. The other two are together in another room. In addition, they want to utilize the network for an internet-enabled television and a VoIP phone. •Describe what network device or devices you would recommend they purchase and explain why. My recommendations for this family are to subscribe to a cable internet or DSL service provider. They will need a modem which acts as the gateway for their network. I would have then purchase a wireless Concurrent dual band 802.11n router and wiring that connect the modem to the router. This would allow them to connect all of their devices over a wireless network and would enable them to send print jobs to the printer through the Bluetooth connection; they will be able to connect their internet-enabled TV thru the wireless network. I would recommend them to purchase a VoIP phone that can be connected into their computer or router. I feel that this would be the simplest solution for this family. •Describe the media utilized.

The type of media that will be utilized is wireless 802.11 for the network and 802.15.3 for the Bluetooth printer (Kay, 2006). 2.An enterprise level company wishes to set up a network to support several hundred business users as well as manufacturing equipment in a new building. Describe what network device or devices you would recommend they purchase and explain why.

My recommendations would be they purchase:
Network switch this is a network appliance used for routing information from one computer to another similar. Routers act as a network gateway, and are often used between an organization's local network and the Internet this would give them a good firewall. Bridges help to direct the traffic over the network.

Cat 6 cabling will be used to connect each work station.
Fiber-optic cabling will be used to...
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