Fundamentalism and Modern People

Topics: Fundamentalism, Fundamentalist Christianity Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: May 20, 2013
There are many themes that can be considered in the novel “Persepolis.” One of the major themes that can be found in the book is fundamentalism vs. modernism/western ideals. The author, Satrapi uses fundamentalism and modernism to show that there are multiple opposing sides to how society should be run. She clearly depicts this idea through various images and context in the novel, giving the reader a clear understanding of a conflict between two different groups. The idea being shown in this novel that the reader can learn is that there are always multiple sides in a conflict, and that each side will try to control society and modify it to follow their standards.

Satrapi uses many types of authorial techniques in her writing and the most prominent one is imagery. Imagery helps explain the theme of fundamentalism vs. modernism in the biggest way because it can show the differences in both points of view. An example of this in the novel is in the picture comparing a fundamentalist and progressive/modern person (75-1&2). In the image, it shows a fundamentalist and modern man and woman and the way each of them dress. It shows the fundamentalist completely wearing a veil and clothing on her whole body excluding the face, and the modern woman wearing regular clothes with a veil, while showing a few strands of hair, which shows opposition to the regime. For the men, the fundamentalist man had a beard and an untucked shirt. The progressive man shaved and had a tucked shirt. The author uses imagery at this point to depict the differences between the society throughout the story. It shows the main theme of fundamentalism vs. modernism through showing how they are different and in opposition with each other, and also how they are the major groups in the story.

Another example of the theme of fundamentalism vs. modernism is when Marji walks around in public with western clothing and the guardians of the revolution catch her and scold her (133). Throughout the images...
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