Fundamental Principles of Adult Education

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  • Published : August 22, 2011
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Fundamental Principles of Adult Education
University of Phoenix
AET 505
August 15, 2011

Part of being a good, quality educator is to learn the learning styles of the students and adapt to those forms of learning. Adult learning is growing, more and more are going to college at later stages in life. Out of the 35 people, there will be many different learning styles. Malcom Knowles is known for defining characteristics of adult learning. Malcom Knowles

Malcom Knowles studied in the field of adult learning. His main goal was to develop a theory about andragogy, which is a theory specifically for adult learning. Knowles notes that adults are self-directed and are expected to take responsibility for decisions. Adult learning methods must accommodate this important aspect. Knowles notes six characteristics for adult learning: ·Adults are independent

·Have life experiences like family and work
·Adults have goals they want to achieve
·Adults want things to be relevant
·Adults are practical and find ways to apply information to their work or life ·They want to be shown respect
Due to the characteristics of learning there have been developments of different teaching styles and theories. Theories about adult education have been categorized into four main models. These models would be biological, psychological, sociocultural, and cognitive. Biological

Growing old is a part of life, and unfortunately with age comes changes. These changes affect how we learn and take in new information. Our hearing decreases, our eyesight becomes poorer, and the brain becomes slower at absorbing and retaining new information. To accommodate to the more mature adults in the classroom, I would make sure the older adults were closer to me to hear me speak. I would make sure any handouts, homework, or textbooks have a decent sized font that they could read. Perhaps having frequent quizzes will help find out how...
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