Fundamental Patterns Knowing in Nursing

Topics: Urine, Kidney, Urinary bladder Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: February 16, 2013

 Bladder irrigation is the process of flushing the bladder with normal saline to prevent or treat clot formation. Bladder irrigation may also be used to instill medications such as antibiotics for treating bladder infections. This is done over a period of time, and runs continuously. A special catheter is used for the above procedure.

To prevent blood clot formation, allow free flow of urine and maintain IDC patency, by continuously irrigating the bladder with Normal Saline.

Materials/ Equipment Needed:

3 way catheter
0.9% sodium chloride irrigation bags as per facility policy continous bladder irrigation set and closed urinary drainage bag with anti-reflux valve. Chlorhexidane 0.5% with 70% alcohol wipes

Non sterile gloves
Personal protective equipment
Underpad (bluey)
IV pole

1. Explain procedure to the patient and ensure patient privacy 2. Position the patient for easy access to the catheter whilst maintaining patient comfort 3. Ensure that the patient has a three-way urinary catheter. If not, a three-way catheter needs to be inserted 4. Hang irrigation flasks on IV pole and prime irrigation set maintaining asepsis of irrigation set. Note: Only one of the irrigation flask clamps should be open when priming the irrigation set otherwise the fluid can run from one flask to another. After priming the irrigation set ensure that all clamps on the irrigation set are closed. 5. Don goggles and impervious gown , place underpad underneath catheter connection 6. Attend hand wash and don non sterile gloves

7. Swab IDC irrigation and catheter ports with chlorhexidine swabs and allow drying 8. Remove the spigot from the irrigation lumen of the catheter using sterile gauze and discard spigot
9. Connect the irrigation set to the irrigation lumen of the catheter, maintaining clean procedure 10. Remove spigot or old drainage bag from the catheter lumen using...
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