Fundamental Movement Skills

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Observation – Assessment – Use
of Fundamental Movement Skills.
1 – Description of your kids:
e.g. - What kind of activity do they like?
-What kind of activity do they do after school?
-What kind of activity do they do during the week?
-What kind of activity do they do at the weekend?
-How good do they think they are?
Student 1 (Katie): The activities she likes are basketball and dance. She plays basketball for her school and they train after school twice a week. They also have matches every week during the basketball season, which are usually after school. She also likes to dance and does hip hop dancing once a week, on Saturdays. She is in the starting line-up of her basketball team so she considers herself a good player. She is in the beginners class for hip hop and considers herself a learner.

Student 2 (Orla): The activities she likes are ballet, hip hop dancing and basketball. She does ballet twice a week after school and also does hip hop once a week, on a Saturday. She enjoys playing basketball with her friends after school or at the weekend but does not play competitively. She said she is in the middle level class in ballet and hip hop dancing so she considers herself to be at a good level of skill.

Student 3 (Alison): The activities she likes are walking, jogging and general exercise. She plays no competitive sport. She says she goes for jogs often and she likes to take walks with her mother. She does these activities both at the weekend and after school. She also enjoys swimming in the sea during the summer. She considers herself to be moderately fit. She does not feel she has the skills or the interest needed to play sports.

2 – Fundamental Movement Skills Analyses
a) Calculate the Score of your kids for
* Sprint
* Overhand Throw
* Vertical Jump
* Horizontal Jump
20 Meters| Katie| Orla| Alison|
Points (max 16)| 10| 10| 8|

Overhand Throw| Katie| Orla| Alison|
Points (Max 16)| 12| 12| 6|

Vertical Jump| Katie| Orla| Alison|
Points (Max 24)| 18| 12| 18|
Points (out of 16)| 12| 8| 12|

Horizontal Jump| Katie| Orla| Alison|
Points (Max 16| 4| 8| 8|

b) Average per skills and overall

Skill| 20 Meters| Overhand Throw| Vertical Jump| Horizontal Jump| Max Score| 16| 16| 24| 16|
Average Score (out of 16)| 9.333| 10| 10.666| 6.666|

Overall Average = 42/72

(d) Calculate the percentage of Mastery
Sprint: Katie got 10/16 = 62.5%, Orla got 10/16= 62.5%, Alison got 8/16 = 50%, Average = 58.3% Throw: Katie got 12/16 = 75%, Orla got 12/16 = 75%, Alison got 6/16 = 37.5% Average = 62.5% Vertical up: Katie got 18/24=75%, Orla got 12/24 = 50%, Alison got 18/24 = 75% Average= 66.6% Horizontal jump: Katie got 4/16 = 25%, Orla got 8/16 = 50%, Alison got 8/16 = 50% Average= 41.6% | Sprint %| Throw %| Vertical jump %| Horizontal jump %| Katie| 62.5| 75| 75| 25|

Orla| 62.5| 75| 50| 50|
Alison| 50| 37.5| 75| 50|
Skill average| 58.3| 62.5| 66.6| 41.6|

The percentage of mastery chart.

Overall percentage of mastery: 58.3 + 62.5 + 66.6 + 41.6 /4 = 57.25%

(c) Standard deviation per skill and overall.
Sprint| 1.1547%|
Throw| 3.4641%|
Vertical| 3.4641%|
Horizontal| 2.3094%|

Standard deviation per skill.

Overall deviation= 1.10554% or all together. Compared to all together of points/??//????????

– Report and discuss the key points of your observation (1) and analyses (2). The key points of my observations were that the standard of these pupils was not very high, this is evident from the analyses of the overall mastery percentage which was 57.25%. This score seems to reflect their performance well as being moderately average. We can also judge from the low overall deviation of 1.225% that the difference between all three athletes was only minor and therefore they...
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