Fundamental Forces

Topics: Fundamental interaction, Strong interaction, Quark Pages: 2 (393 words) Published: December 23, 2011
Fundamental Forces

In this world there are four major forces that keep this earth in one piece. Those four forces would be that of: Strong Nuclear force, Weak Nuclear Force, Electro Magnet Force and lastly Gravity. Each of these unique forces are carried by a separate “messenger particle”, they don’t necessarily “carry” the forces, but help detect the particles as being active when they interact. Experiments c completed by scientist has proved the existence of three of the four forces, all except Gravity.

The first is The Strong Nuclear Force. The strength of this particle is very precise and particular. In order for the nucleus of this atom to be formed the protons and electrons need to be specifically arranged and be the correct distance apart. What the Nuclear Forces does is to keep the quarks together inside the protons and neutrons. Its messenger particle is the weightless “gleu” which holds the particles together.

Underneath The Strong Nuclear Force is The Weak Force or Weak Interaction. This maintains the balance of protons and neutrons in the atom. This insures that things in the atom run smoothly and do not abruptly fall apart or discharge any damaging radiation. While the stability of this atom is being kept by the Weak Interaction are able to transform and continue to exist.

The Electro Magnet Force works between electrically charged particles. This particular Force pretty much guarantees that opposites attract and don’t stray away from each other. While making sure that opposites attract he’s also making sure that the protons resist each other. The last and least known of the four fundamental forces of physics is gravity. Gravity is the weakest of the four forces. This force acts between all mass in the universe and has infinite range. Every object on this earth applies some type of gravitational force to everything around it. The messenger particle of this force is Graviton. What this helps the nucleus does is unclear for the reason...
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