Fundamental and Key Caring Skills

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Fundamental and key caring skills
Reflective report

Confidentiality is a crucial and integral aspect of nursing. It must be kept and followed at all times. Therefore there will be no names or places mentioned in this report. This is in conjunction with the code of conduct (NMC, 2008). Day in, day out, we all reflect upon something. Nursing draws on the concept to gain learning through practice. Consequently reflection can be defined as a generic term for those intellectual and affective activities in which individuals engage to explore their experiences in order to lead to new understandings and appreciations (Hinchliff, S., Norman, S., Schober, J, 2008). The skill I have chosen to reflect upon is assisting a client to use and get to the toilet. On my first placement I was based at a day centre for adults with learning difficulties and on numerous occasions I supported and assisted clients to the toilet. The majority of these clients used the toilet fairly independently.

I am using Gibbs’ model of reflection (as cited by Hinchliff, S., Norman, S., Schober, J, 2008) as a framework for my reflection. By using the appropriate communications skills I approached and greeted the client, identifying their needs and gaining verbal consent. Taking the clients care plan into consideration I could recognise their toileting needs, in this example, help getting to the toilet and being seated onto the toilet. Using the appropriate moving and handling skills I helped the client stand up from a seated position and gave support whilst walking them to the toilet, on the walk I reiterated where we were going. I kept a steady pace as not to rush the client or cause any unnecessary stress. If the patient needs assistance it is important not to hurry them, maintaining a slow steady pace (Pellatt, G, 2007). Once in the toilet I helped them get onto the toilet seat, I reassured them saying I would be just outside if they needed me, to provide privacy for the client, and...
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