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Functios of Management

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Functios of Management

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Management: Management is the process of designing and maintaining an environment in which individuals, working together in groups, efficiently accomplish selected aims.

Functions of Management:
Planning involves defining goals, establishing strategies for achieving those goals, and developing plans to integrate and coordinate activities. Organizing:
Organizing involves determining what tasks are to be done, who is to do them, how the tasks are to be grouped, who reports to whom, and where decisions are to be made. Leading:
Leading involves motivating subordinates, influencing individuals or teams as they work, selecting the most effective communication channels, or dealing in any way with employee behavior issues. Controlling:

Controlling involves monitoring actual performance, comparing actual to standard, and taking action, if necessary.

Managerial Roles: Managerial Roles refers to specific categories of managerial behavior. Henry Mintzberg of McGill University, concluded that managers really fill a series of ten roles are as follow-

Interpersonal Roles:
1)The figurehead role (performing ceremonial and social duties as the organization’s representative), 2)The leader role,
3)The liaison role (particularly with outsiders).

Informational Roles:
4)The recipient role (receiving information about the operation of an enterprise), 5)The disseminator role (passing information to subordinates), 6)The spokesperson role (transmitting information to those outside the organization).

Decision Roles:
7)The entrepreneurial role,
8)The disturbance-handler role,
9)The resource-allocator role, and
10)The negotiator role (dealing with various persons and groups of persons).

Human Resource Management: Human Resource Management (HRM) is the set of organizational activities directed at attracting, developing and maintaining an effective work-force.

Functions of HRM: There are so many functions of human resource management. The...

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