Functions of a Manager

Topics: Credit card, Bank, Human resources Pages: 2 (337 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Hi all,

Here are some of my queries, appreciated if you could assist me in answering the following queries:

Sales Function
1. Is there Sales Policy and Procedures (P&P) / standard operating procedures (SOP)? 2. Is there formalized policy to control discounts and net prices granted by sales force? i. Who approves for discounts granted?

3. Is there Order Cancellation Policy?
i. Who approves for cancellation of order?
4. Is there any sales rebates for FY2011 and FY2012?

Production Function
1. Is there Health & Safety and Environmental standards in CFM Holdings? 2. CFM Holdings has attained which ISO Certificate?

Human Resource Function
1. Is there HR P&P / SOP?NIL
2. Is termination checklist used when employees resign from the company?NIL 3. Are there any temporary or foreign workers?NIL
4. Is there bonus / incentive awarded to any of the workers in FY2011 and FY2012? BONUS 5. Is there any travel claim entitlement?
i. Is it supported by a travel guideline policy?
ii. Who approves for travel expenses claims?

Cash Function
1. What form of payment CFM Holdings made to its creditors? (e.g. cash, cheque, electronic transfer (sg), bank instruction(inter transfer salary)) i. How many signatories required for payment to be issued? 2 ii. Who approves for payment? Mr wong GM mr soo CFO

2. Who has the custody of cheque book?
i. Where is the cheque book kept? Account Exec, drawer locked 3. How often bank reconciliation are performed?
i. Who prepares it? Account Exec
ii. Who sign it? Ricky Holding AM
4. Is there Petty Cash P&P / SOP?
i. Who is the custodian of petty cash? Ong
ii. What is the amount of petty cash float? 3000 petrol for co car spare parts 200 below iii. Is petty cash count performed regularly? Monthly basis iv. How often is petty cash count performed? Monthly basis v. Is petty cash payment voucher used? Mr wong approvals, pc voucher used 5. What is...
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