Functions of a Campus Paper

Topics: Journalism, Confidentiality, Secrecy Pages: 3 (728 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Functions of a Campus Paper
By: Harold Spears and C.H. Lawshe Jr.
A. Aids to the students(Members)
1. To provide an opportunity for interest writing.
2. To give the students the opportunity to learn how to read the newspapers. 3. To act as stimulus to better work
4. To develop student’s powers of observation and discrimination concerning relative merits of news articles. 5. To serve as an outlet and motivation for journalistic writing. 6. To offer training in organization, business methods, commercial art, salesmanship, bookkeeping, and business management. 7. To develop qualities of cooperation, tact accuracy, tolerance, responsibility and leadership.

B. Aids to the school and community
1. To inform the community as to the work of the school.
2. To publish school news.
3. To create and express school opinion.
4. To make known the achievements of the school.
5. To help unify the school
6. To encourage and stimulate worthwhile activities.
7. To develop right standards of conduct.
8. To provide an outlet for students, suggestions for the betterment of the school. 9. To develop better interschool relationship.
10. To develop School spirit.
11. To develop cooperation between parents and the school. Ethics of a School Paper
* No story shall be published which is based on rumor, gossip, or unattributed opinion. * Words show bias in handling of news stories, concerning race, color, religious beliefs, or class should be avoided. * Stories concerning the morale of individuals should be avoided. * Should not print pictures which offend the sensibility of the general run of readers. Ex. Photos of dead persons or murder victims which emphasize brutality. * Sex crimes are not the territory of the school paper.

Responsibility of the press
a. Accuracy, Truthfulness, Objectivity
- Scrupulously reports and interprets the news.
- Does not suppress essential facts nor distorts the...
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