Functions of Public Relations

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  • Published : May 29, 2006
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Functions of Public Relations
The functions of Public Relations (PR) divide loosely into two categories: organizational or societal. The categories are not exclusive because many aspects of the functions fall into both categories. Organizational functions of PR involve activities that relate to or involve organizations while societal functions of PR involve activities that relate to society. Communications management and employee relations are organizational functions while marketing communications and social responsibility are societal functions. An organization must project a positive image to the public and within the organization. To project this image successfully, organization must meet deliveries in both categories of PR functions.

Organizational functions are internal to a company. Wikipedia defines communications management as "the systematic planning, implementing, monitoring, and revision of all the channels of communication within an organization and between organizations" ( Communications management is crucial to delivering the correct message to every employee, every investor, and every third-party receiver. Communications should be well prepared, informative, and the message the organization wants delivered. Internal communications become external communications and the message shared over the dinner table or in the grocery aisle should be one an organization wants shared. A well-defined and monitored communications channel is one of the first steps in positive internal PR. Another organizational function, investor relations, is defined by as "activity to which the company discloses information required for investment judgment timely to the stockholder or the investor" ( Stockholders or investors are the financial stakeholders of an organization. Accurate information is crucial for this group to make decisions on transactions relating to the organization. Providing a stockholder with...
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