Functions of Public Relations

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  • Published : November 11, 2007
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An organization's image can depend on the degree on the public's support its organizational missions, strategies, and goals. Public relations professionals serve as communicator between organization and its public. Public relations also provides message and educate the public about the activities of an organization. The functions of public relations can categorized as organizational or as societal. Community Relations is a societal function of public relations. The relationship that an organization has with its community can be vital to the success of that organization. Organizations can interact with the community in numerous ways, from participating in community activities to putting on events or through donations successful organizations understand that their relationship with the surrounding community is important. Community relations are the functions of actively planning and participating with and within a community for the benefit of the community and surrounding areas. Activities within this category include community events, volunteer activities and co-sponsorship opportunities with other community organizations. Community relations may also include fundraising and development activities. One focus of community relations programs is on the geographic area that is home to an organization. Residents of the community, employees, voters, legislators, all of these groups make up the increasingly diverse communities addressed by organizations and corporations. "Cause marketing" is used by a growing number of companies to build public goodwill and enhance the firm's image. Cause marketing is typically associated with public service activities that have a wide-range public appeal. The best "causes" are those that everyone in the target markets can embrace. These causes enhance the condition of life or the environment that virtually everyone can support. Causes that battle cancer, pollution, child abuse, and support Special Olympics events are examples...
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