Functions of Manegement

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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Management Theories
Management theories are important because it is the study of how to make all the people in your organization more productive. In management they are several theories namely classical, organizational behavior and contemporary. A brief description will be given on all these theories. Classical Theory

Classical theory is divided into two approaches scientific and administrative theories. Frederick W. Taylor (1856–1915) is best known for defining the techniques of scientific management (Parker & Ritson, 2005, p.175). It is a systematic study of relationships between people and tasks for the purpose of redesigning the work process to increase efficiency (Miller & Vaughan, 2001, p.4).Taylor believed that the way to create the most efficient division of labour could best be determined by means of scientific management techniques, rather than intuitive or informal rule-of-thumb knowledge (Luke, 2011). In the administrative approach is based on the idea that tasks are delegated; there is a two-way communication. However theory has some drawbacks for instance delegation would likely cut-off creativity, the theory does not encourage initiation among employees and the theory is slow to respond to change as well as slow to implement change (Robbins, Bergman, Stagg & Coulter, 2009, p.45). Organisational behaviour Theory

Behavioural management is the study of how managers should behave in order to motivate employees and encourage them to perform at high levels and be committed to the achievement of organisational goals (Koontz, 1999, p.183). This theory promoted team work mode, two-way communication however it includes drawbacks for instance this theory was used as a tool to manipulate workers, it lacks management involvement and the theory does not contribute to organisational efficiency (Von Bertalanffy, 1972, p.417). Conclusion

These theories set a foundation for managers in order for them to run their organisations effectively and...
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