Functions of Human Resources

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Employee recruiting: finding and/or attracting applicants for the employer’s open positions. In case of our company, we look at the outside sources of candidates when we want hiring the apprentice for become the driver in our company. Usually, we use advertising as our sources to find new employee. Through advertising, we use the media and contructing the ad to advertise the job vacancy. As we know, the media is the best medium that we can use to advertise. We can use local paper to advertise about the job vacancy that open in our company to public so they can come and try go for interview. Apart from that, we also use contructing the ads, so that it can attract the readers to read about our advertise and not ignore it. Then, after advertise about the job vacancy that we have in our company, we will wait for the applicant who have the interest to work with our company. Steps in recruitment and selection process:

In recruitment and selection process, firstly we must decide what positions to fill, through workforce/personnel planning and forecasting. Secondly, build a pool of these jobs, by recruiting internal or external candidates. Thirdly, have candidates or applicants complete applications forms and perhaps undergo initial screening interviews. Forthly, by using selection tools like tests, background investigations, ad physical exams to identify viable candidates. Fifthly, decide who to make an offer to, by having the supervisor and perhaps others interview the candidates. Lastly, if the candidates successful in interview, they will become employee in the company.

Training is means giving new or current employee the skill that they need to perform their jobs well.
The candidates who have been choose to work at our company will be sent for training. This is because, we want them let know what skill that should them have to perform the jobs. Apart from that,...
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