Functions of Education in Life

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  • Published : September 20, 2011
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What are the functions of education in life?
Personality development in a person is a process shaped by both internal and external factors. Internally, characters of a person are determined by an individual’s biological make-up. Coordination between different body processes dictates behaviors of a person. Externally, interaction of a person with his/her environment contributes to personality development. Education is an external factor that significantly determines behavior of a person. Education is the process of acquiring new knowledge or skills through teaching and learning. The process plays complementary roles in realization of high goals at both individual and social level. This paper, therefore, explores functions of education in life. One function of education in life is development of an individual’s potentials (Wright par. 3). The process enables a person to not only identify inborn potentials, but also seek for ways of developing them. Education is a key factor,it is all-round development of a person. In other words, the process ensures that an individual develops physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. All-round development of a person is essential for future growth. Through realization of individual interest and ability, a person becomes productive in a society and self-productivity is vital for continuation of life. Education is a key factor in development of moral and social values. Through various agencies and steps in education, whole personality of an individual is developed. Wright (par. 3) asserts that education makes a person mature intellectually, physically, spiritually, socially, morally, and aesthetically. Self-maturity in all aspects of life makes a person be a recognizable individual in a society. Instead, education inculcates moral and social values such as co-operation, sympathy, tolerance, empathy, love to all, and respect to all. Education, therefore, improves social cohesion. As a...
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