“ Functions and Scope of Federal Board of Revenue”

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“ Functions and scope of Federal board of revenue”

In the existing setup, the Chairman, FBR, being the executive head of the Board as well as Secretary of the Revenue Division has the responsibility for (i) Formulation and administration of fiscal policies,

(ii) Levy and collection of federal taxes and
(iii) Quasi-judicial function of hearing of appeals.
 His responsibilities also involve interaction with the offices of the President, the Prime Minister, all economic Ministries as well as trade and industry.

About Inland Revenue Wing|
Domestic Taxes, comprising Income Tax, Sales Tax and Federal Excise Duty, constitute about 90% of the Revenue collected by FBR. These taxes are not only similar in essence, but also are interdependent in practice. The time tested international tenor vindicates the same. The assimilation of these taxes into a single administrative structure was imminent since long, but never in the history of the Pakistan’s Economy, was the need so great for the materialization of this change. Spurred by these exigencies and with a view to apply the modern taxation techniques to improve the tax to G.D.P ratio, the Inland Revenue Wing of the FBR was created, combining the three domestic taxes.

2. It is expected that the inception of this wing would facilitate the taxpayers, as it would provide them to carry through their tax matters in one organizational structure. The creation of this wing would also be conducive for the tax administration, as the access to the taxpayer’s data in respect of different domestic taxes would be easily available.

3. The organizational structure of the Inland Revenue Wing at the FBR Headquarter and their  job assignments are as under:| Chief IR (HQs):|
The following sections would work under Chief IR (HQs):|
I.R - Judicial Section: * ADR matters - Income Tax/  Sales Tax * FTO maters - Income tax /  Sales Tax * Legal matters, Appeals and Court Cases * Parliament business * Cabinet...
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