Functionlism and Conflict

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un Functionalist and Conflict Theory

There are four theoretical perspectives on groups and organizations, they are Functionalist, Conflict, Feminist, and Symbolic Interactionist, but since I have to chose two and compare them, I am going to writing about Functionalist, and Conflict. I chose these to because I find these two theories fascinating, with loads of information, and a lot of things I can learn from this. These too are a very important theory, and have very interesting facts that can intrigue us in many ways.

The functionalist perspective, also that is called functionalism, is the one of the main major theoretical perspectives in sociology, it is originally came from Emile Durkheim works, who also likes how the social order is possible, and how the society remains stable. Functionalism interprets every part of society in terms on how it can contribute to the stability of the whole society. Also, Functionalism emphasizes the order that exists in the society, it focuses on social stability and shared public values. In 1940's and 1950's the functionalist perspective achieved its greatest popularity among Americans, because they we're focusing on the functions of human behavior.

Conflict theory emphasizes the role of coercion and power of producing social order, this perspective was produced by the works of Karl Marx, who saw the society as a fragmented into groups, that help compete for social and economic resources. This exists because those in control of a disproportionate share the society's resources, that help defend their advantages. This perspective is based upon negative, conflicted, and ever changing nature to society, unlike the other perspective focus on the positive. In the 1940's and 1950's sociologist ignored the conflict theory and was in favor of the functionalist,...
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