Functioning Integrated Information System

Topics: Management, Planning, Information Pages: 2 (435 words) Published: July 10, 2011
Having a well functioning integrated information management system is essential to a successful human service organization. When developing a functioning system the four external and six internal functions need to be considered. The external functions refer to the information that effects the outside environment of the organization. The internal functions refer to information that effects the inside workings of the organization. Knowing what information to track is paramount to obtain an integrated information management system that yields useful information. If specific data and information is tracked, management can use that feedback to answer questions, and have the information available when needed.

The four external functions that need to be considered are; economic, sociological, political, and technological. When addressing the economic function, the organization should consider what information and data will be needed or expected from funding sources, contributors, consumers, and referral sources. When considering the sociological functions knowing the people that live in the community, and their needs, problems, and strengths should be address. Knowing the data and information the regulatory bodies, accrediting organizations, or the board expects will satisfy the political functions. Know what technological and professional advancements the agency should track and how can innovations be incorporated into the service delivery system will address the technological function.

The six external functions that need to be considered are; organization purpose, organization planning, organization operations, human resources, technological resources, and financial resources. When considering the organization purpose, knowing what factors that need to be tracked to monitor the agency’s progress towards achieving the organizations purpose is important. Having data and information available that reveals strategic, long-range, and program plans are necessary...
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