Functionalists Opinion on Feminist View of Education

Topics: Sociology, Gender, Female Pages: 4 (1198 words) Published: October 31, 2011
Feminists argue that education is patriachle and the female experiance of education simply acts to reinforce patriachy. How would functionalists respond to this statement?

This essay will study how functionalists view the feminist arguement that education system is still very much patriachle and females have a different and less valued experience of education from males.

Feminism is a movement of women who strive to achieve a social and economical equality for both men and women. Its a campeign against gender inequalities. It could also be described as having enough information available for all women enableing them to have the ability to make a choice to live a life which is not discriminatory and which enhances social, cultural and political equality and independance.

Heaton and Lawson (1996) argue that the hidden curriculum, a government way of teaching us without us knowing, is a major course of gender scoialisation, it operates in five different ways, Firstly through books and text books for children and students, most women are portrayed as dependant on men or to have very gender specific roles, for example in the young childrens book ' Biff, Chip and Kipper' women are always doing the washing up or cooking. a feminist called Kelly also pointed out the absence of women in scientific and mathematical textbooks. This indicates that those, more acedemic subjects shouldn't include women. Secondly in certain school subjects females are made to feel uncomfortable for example in P.E as the boys colonise the sport or activity making it a very masculine dominated lesson leaving the girls to feel inadiquate and unfortuneatly teachers mostly fail to intervene. Another Problem of gender socialisation in education is many teachers still tend to give gender based jobs to do in the classroom for example the boys would be asked to move the tables around the the girls would be asked to clean up. By doing this, teachers are unknowingly creating a gender divide...
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