Functional Implementation

Topics: Management, Strategy, Leadership Pages: 3 (744 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Functional plans and policies are the sole responsibilities of the managers and they are responsible for the implementation of plan and policies to be adopted by the organization. And strategist needs to direct them properly to achieve the set goal. Functional strategies are the same as functional plans and policies, which are the actual plans to implement organizations strategies. Therefore functional plans and policies are operational plan and tactics to make a strategy work. NEED FOR FUNCTIONAL PLANS AND POLICIES 1. The strategic decisions are implemented by all the parts of the organization. 2. There is a basis of controlling activities in different functional areas. 3. It helps in reducing the time spent in the decision making by the functional managers. 4. Similar situations occurring in different functional areas are handled in a consistent manner. 5. There is coordination across the different functional areas. DEVELOPMENT OF FUNCTIONAL PLAN AND POLICIES The process of development of functional plans maybe formal and informal while larger and more complex organizations may have several policies related to every major aspect of their functional areas and their policies are well documented in their manuals, while in smaller organizations may operate with a few policies most of which are informal and their documents are not usually documented, but all the same are always well comprehended by their workers. FUNCTIONAL PLAN AND POLICIES IN MARKETING Functional plans and policies have to be formulated and implemented on the basis of: 1. Product: it’s the type of goods and service. Strategies need to be formulated and implemented on the basis of characteristics such as; quality, features, choice of models, packaging. e.t.c. 2. Pricing: the pay offered in exchange of the product offered. The functional...
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