Functional Health Patterns on a Person 65yrs

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Assignment 2 – Assessment of functional health patterns of a person aged greater than 65 years of age. A health assessment is an important tool in formulating a health care plan for an individual or family. Nurses therefore have an important role in health promotion and by using the principles of Gordon’s functional health pattern it can assist in developing a diagnosis and nursing care plan. The functional health patterns serve as a framework that is adaptable to all models of care that can be used as a tool for nursing diagnosis for individuals or communities. It is based on the assumption that health and wellbeing is the result of harmony between the body and the environment (Crisp & Taylor 2009, p. 257). The eleven functional health patterns, was used by the nursing student as the basis for an interview conducted with Daphne Trigg. The aim was to identify the functional and dysfunctional patterns in her everyday life. Daphne Trigg is a sixty seven year old woman who lives in the northern rural area of Adelaide. Collection of basic information and sequences of behaviour were captured and these patterns are also used by health professionals to form client data bases, structure assessments and make diagnoses (Gordon 1994, p. 69).

This essay will incorporate discussion of relevant literature and aims to gather ‘objective’ and ‘subjective’ (Crisp & Taylor 2009, p. 260) data as this provides an informative awareness of the interviewee’s overall health. Topics covered are the eleven functional health patterns. They consist of Health Perception–health management patterns, Nutritional–metabolic pattern, Elimination pattern, Activity-exercise pattern, Sleep-rest pattern, Cognitive–perceptual, Self-perception-self concept, Role-relationship pattern, Sexuality-reproductive pattern, Value-belief pattern and the Coping-stress tolerance pattern will be explored in more detail (Gordon 1994, p. 70).

The student nurse upheld a number of issues in relation to the interview before it began which included anonymity, confidentiality and informed consent as nurses are responsible for ethically managing information provided to them (ANMC 2008, p.4). Daphne was provided with the purpose and content of the interview and the nursing student was verbally consented by Daphne before the interview commenced. Daphne was also informed that she had the right to refuse to answer questions and that a pseudonym will be used to maintain confidentiality and anonymity as nurses are responsible to uphold any information provided as confidential in accordance with the Code of Ethics for Nurses in Australia (ANMC 2008, p.4).

Health perception-health management
Health perception-health management is where the client describes how they perceive their general health and well being to be (Gordon 1994, p. 80). Daphne described that she has had a past of an unhealthy health status which shifted three years ago for the better when diagnosed with uterine cancer. Her current perception of health is good as she feels strong and keeps healthy with positive diet and lifestyle choices that suit her individuality. She is free from medication and reports that she has suffered no recent accidents impacting her current lifestyle. This pattern area indicated a major life changing event that influenced her overall well being, which is duly addressed in the coping-stress tolerance pattern, but no other areas of dysfunction were identified and the interviewer moved to the nutritional-metabolic pattern.

Nutritional-metabolic pattern
Assessing the nutritional and metabolic pattern of a client is to ensure that they have an adequate food and fluid intake relative to the metabolic and nutrient needs of the body (Gordon 1994, p. 82). Since Daphne lives alone in a rural area the student nurse needed to gather an accurate assessment of her appetite and nutritional status to ensure there was no prevalence of malnutrition. The interviewer asked questions to describe her...
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