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Functional Health Pattern Assessment

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Functional Health Pattern Assessment

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Children’s Functional Health Pattern Assessment
Functional Health Pattern Assessment (FHP)| ToddlerErickson’s Developmental Stage:| Preschool-AgedErickson’s Developmental Stage:| School-AgedErickson’s Developmental Stage:| Pattern of Health Perception and Health Management:List two normal assessment findings that would be characteristic for each age group. List two potential problems that a nurse may discover in an assessment of each age group.| - Toddlers have little if any understanding of health, but do perform or request to do activities such as brushing their teeth (Edelman & Mandle, p. 458, 2010). -Toddlers depend on their parents for health management (Edelman & Mandle, p. 458, 2010). | -Child is extremely curious about the body of a member of the opposite sex (Edelman & Mandle, p. 482, 2010).- Child contributes to health management by brushing their teeth, wearing weather appropriate clothing, taking medication, etc (Edelman & Mandle, p. 482, 2010).| -Child understands an abstract definition of health and sometimes the factors that cause illness (Edelman & Mandle, p. 511, 2010).- Child may believe that a misdeed or misbehavior caused their illness (Edelman & Mandle, p. 511, 2010). | | -Toddler does not brush his or her teeth.-Toddler does not try many new foods, because the parents don’t eat a wide variety of foods in their diet (Edelman & Mandle, p. 459, 2010). | -Child does not have family support for an active lifestyle (Edelman & Mandle, p. 482, 2010).-Child does not wear seat belt.| -Child is not taught healthy behaviors in the home (Edelman & Mandle, p. 512, 2010). -Teaching of health promoting behaviors is not at the child’s cognitive level (Edelman & Mandle, p. 511, 2010). | Nutritional-Metabolic Pattern:List two normal assessment findings that would be characteristic for each age group. List two potential problems...

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