Functional Authority

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Functional authority consists of the right to give orders within a segment of the organization in which this right is normally non existent. This authority is usually assigned to individuals to complement the line or staff authority they already possess. Functional Authority generally covers only specific task areas and is operational only for designated amounts of time. It is given to individuals who, in order to meet responsibilities in their own areas, must be able to exercise some control over organization members in other areas. : Functional Authority:

Staff's ability to initiate actions within a given area of expertise. Functional Authority allows decisions to be implemented directly by the staff. In an organization functional authority can be found in accounting, labor etc areas  

Rational-legal authority
This type of authority rests on the belief in the "legality" of formal rules and hierarchies, and in the right of those elevated in the hierarchy to posses authority and issue commands. This type of authority is often seen as legitimate in bureaucratic systems, which enables impersonal, specific and formal structures of modern companies. People will hence find this type of authority legitimate, if the authority is distributed to leaders based on e.g. rationality and capability.  Legitimate authority can be defined as recognition of events, or governments that have been constituted by legal process.Legitimate authority can also be taken as in university hierarchy which have been voted in to their positions of power by due process of governments of the day, boards and board directors to which the university is part of.In psychology legitimate authority would be bestowed to the person that is acting in a professional manner of carrying out investigation into the human mind by the AMA, or the BMA if it were in England as these were the medical bodies that would issue the legitimate licence to practice psychiatry, psychology, and et...
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