Functional Area Interrelationships

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Functional Area Interrelationships

Kudler Fine Foods is food specialty stores where customers can shop and purchase foods and ingredients that are from different places in the world. Kudler Fine Foods prides themselves on the quality for the foods they find and sell. Founded in 1988 Kudler Fine Foods was fulfilling the needs of the customer who is more conscious of the food and products they use daily. As Kudler Fine Foods grow by opening sustaining the stores currently open and the ones that will open in the future; they will provide quality and service that the customer rarely experiences when grocery shopping. Apollo Group Inc. (2009) states the Kudler Fine Foods’ vision for the company is to “Kudler Fine Foods will be the premiere gourmet grocery store for those savvy shoppers who are searching for the finest meats, produce, cheeses, and wine.” The company states through the mission they intend to provide the customer with the quality of the experience of shopping there, the food and the knowledgeable employees. Kudler Fine Foods has a special interest in food and the people who completely enjoy the quality of the food they sell. The ability to search the world and bring foods to the cooking world from places the individual may not be able to travel for those special ingredients. The meats come in premium and specially requested cuts which is not really offered at the local grocery store chain.

Kudler Fine Foods has a traditional structure such as manager, assistant manager and frontline associates. The fact that Kudler Fine Foods is not a traditional food store they have the experience of buying food and taking home to cook it. For instance, Kudler Fine Foods is the type of place an individual goes to when he or she wants to plan a romantic dinner for the a spouse. First, a Kudler Fine Foods associate would start off by finding out what the person wants to cook or inventing a menu. Secondly, the customer and the associate would fine the...
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