Functional Area 1 Safe

Topics: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, First aid, Risk Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: September 20, 2012
Functional Area 1 Safe # 1Safety
My purpose in the functional area of safe is to promote safety, which is freedom from danger. I take precautions to prevent or reduce injuries while youth are in my care. This is an important facet of my job for the safety of children. Older youth often think they are invincible and tend to ignore hazards in the environment and many do not take into consideration behaviors that could cause injury. I promote safety by making the youth aware of the hazard and supervising them at all times. Because it is normal for youth to try new things I support them by planning safe structured risk-taking activities that challenge their thinking, social and physical skills. When letting youth take positive risks, I ensure youth are in my line of vision and able to hear them. I aim to guide youth to learn the differences between risks that are manageable and risks that are not. This age group is seeking more independence and wants more control over their lives. Yet they still want adults to help them stay safe. By working with other staff that helps to set and enforce the expectations of the program, and activities. Youth are vital in determining the expectations and the Code of Conduct, for the program which are in line with the policies out lined in the Standard Operating Procedures Manual. Functional Area 1 Safe # 2Environments

Another way in which I promote safety is by checking the environments (Inside, Outside, and other sites on and off the installation) before the youth arrive to make sure that precautions are in place. By doing this I am better able to control my surroundings if something goes wrong. Precautions such as safety plugs, cabinets and closets are locked, and that there are no broken toys or dangerous objects in the youth space. To be sure I have checked the room completely a daily safety checklist is used for each classroom. Items that are unsafe are removed from the class room, or repaired. When checking the...
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