Function of E-Book

Topics: E-book, Education, Learning Pages: 4 (1462 words) Published: November 30, 2010
The functions of E-book in teaching and learning.

Books are no doubt the main element in teaching and learning activities. As we all know printed books have already been used for a very long time. However in this modern era, books in electronic forms (eBooks) are taking place. EBooks had already been introduced not only for adults but children too. Finally, eBooks are already evolving slowly to take place in teaching and learning.

A powerful stimulus for the production of a range of electronic instrument for education has been provided by the latest technology inventions. Numerous ideas and educational materials are invented and extensively published electronically to support the field of teaching and learning, however it is still unclear how far all of this is of use among the students and teachers when it comes to the virtual teaching and learning. Suggestions on how to improve the quality of the products and materials that are already available are still in great demand as the existing electronic books have not completely replaced the physical counterpart. The gap between utilitarian and usefulness is quite wide to prove the lack of effectiveness of the first generation of e-books, and the progress of e-books has been led majorly by technology instead of the user’s demand.

In the education field, E-books can be found in various type of media instrument like CD-Rom, the internet and in any portable reading materials. Variety types of element are implemented in e-books, for example fiction and non-fiction. A textbook is a source of information on a particular subject. An electronic textbook on the other hand is almost the same but it is more special as e-textbook is an e-book that has a content of educational material for teaching and learning process. E-textbooks are now officially known as educational source that have already published electronically to help in both teaching and learning methods. They are ready to be used within a computer...
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