Function of Education

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  • Published : August 21, 2010
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1. The definition of Education
Education is defined as the process of educating and learning, which involves the teacher and the student. The teacher will convey the message to the student, and the student will try to understand and applying what is being taught. Educate is further defined as to develop knowledge, skill and the character of somebody. Educate is also to give someone information about a particular subject, or to show them a better way to do something. Knowledge is the information that we are going to instill and give out. We can see the importance of education in the terms of someone’s development. 2. Function of Education

2.1. Education as Continuation Process
The process of education begins in the cradle and continues throughout the life. When people live, they continually grow and develop. In going through all the developments, they have this ongoing education. They are being introduced by new skills and knowledge from time to time. The education can be formal, where it requires us to attend school or institutions for lectures. This is where we learn about particular subjects like Languages, Science and Mathematics. Informal education can be something that is being taught at home or from our own experience. As we grow up, the thing that we learn will become more complex and complicated. For instance, we are taught of basic skills of mathematics when we are in primary school, then we are in secondary school, another new complex formula is introduced to us. We are expected to grasp more when we are maturing. This process persists throughout their lifetime. As we go along, we learn and apply more and more knowledge. We also learn many new things when we encounter every stages of our life. For example, when are already an adult, we got married and have children. This can only be experienced when you are fully grown, not when you are a baby or a mere child. 2.2. Education as Moral Development Tools

Moral development means the expanding...
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