Function of Assessment in Learning and Development

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1.1 Explain the function of assessment in learning and development To meet timely a required predetermined standard with evidenced learning. Unlike the course work we were required to do at school which when marked showed the standard we had achieved. Assessment learning breaks down the required knowledge into bite size pieces which are topic specific, when completed and assessed each piece must contain all the required criteria to evidence the learners understanding. In my experience timely assessment during this period gives feedback to learner and assessor on progress, giving confidence to the learner that they will meet the assessment standard.

1.2 Define the key concepts and principles of assessment
Achieving an accurate assessment will give uniformity if equal and unprejudiced assessment to standards is given. To assess a learner you are required to judge there abilities, skill, knowledge and competency, against a standard which determines the direction and level of training. Relevance to the subject criteria must be proven to a consistent standard so results will not differ between assessors. The evidenced assessed should be valid and sufficiently in depth, it should also be the learners own work achieved by using up to date information.

1.3 Explain the responsibility of the assessor
It is the assessors’ responsibility to decide if an assignment having been completed by the learner has reached the required standard, if it falls short of this then it is there responsibility to assist the learner in there understanding of the required subject. To safeguard against standards falling the assessors’ evaluation is checked by an Internal Verifier. The IV has both learner and assessor to assess, and must both maintain and improve the assessment process, as they will in tern be assessed by External Verification. EX are the standard police there consistency of procedure over a large area by auditing, to my mind is a great way to keep everybody’s level of commitment and knowledge at a level of best practice for the service user.

. 1.4 Identify the regulations and requirements relevant to the assessment in own area of practice As assessors to be aware of gender, race, colour, religion is a must, if the learner is not comfortable with there assessor little will be achieved. It is our responsibly to give equal opportunity of training to all individuals, who desire to gain qualification by assessment, about subjects which we have intern been assessed and verified to supply. Although all establishments that supply care have there own Policies and Procedures, which will differ slightly from one to another, they must all abide by Legislation. Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (MHSW) 1999 The Disability & Discrimination Act 1995

Age Discrimination in Employment Act 1967
Sex Discrimination Act 1975
Race Relations Act 1976
Disability Discrimination Act 1995
Devon County Council's Equalities Policies
Devon Social Service’s.
Devon NHS
Devon partnership NHS
Qualification Accreditation No. is 501/0885/2
to name but a few.

2.1 Compare the strengths and limitations of a range of assessment methods with reference to the needs of individual learners Different learner’s different abilities. To explain once may be sufficient but other learners will require more and for you to explain in a manner or way they can understand. Paying attention to and recording the learners’ individual requirements, such as there language and learning style. Conversation or a professional discussion is a reliable way of assessing the learners understanding of specific points. Written questioning may be of use but not best practice as, although it may enhance learning it could demoralize the learner, there is no substitute for personal interaction with the assessor. Assignments on particular larger subjects, like Health & Safety show knowledge and understanding, which at another time in the course may be cross mapped...
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