Fun at Work

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Over the past five decades, research has been done on how a playful approach at work helps both the employees and the organizations. While more and more corporations are becoming proactive on this approach, the conservative organizations express concern about playing at work. This literature review explains the method of how playing at work will create an open mind. The paper will demonstrate the five steps of how play at work benefits organizations. It points out the advantages while suggesting the need for a business culture to provide an infrastructure that will start the potential and capabilities in people.

Fun at Work 3
Play at Work
For almost five decades, studies have been done on the cerebral cortex, the area of the brain which relates to the thought process, and how play can reduce stress, and increase creativity and productivity. Although people think playing at work could possibly cost them their place of employment, more and more companies are realizing they have to reorganize the model of their work environment. More business leaders are beginning to understand that a playful approach can help relieve stress, stimulate creativity, and increase problem solving and adaptive abilities. Business leaders see how play at work helps create answers to complex problems. Research also shows that playfulness creates an open and healthy state of mind. However, some business leaders are conservative and believe business involves critical decisions and is much too serious to involve any kind of playful approach. They believe that when high stakes are involved, a controlled, researched and thoughtful approach is more appropriate. This examination of the theory of play at work will illustrate the effectiveness of play, how it affects the roles at work and how business leaders can invite play at work. Childlike State of Mind

Playing at work is good for both the corporation and the employees who work for them. In Dan Pink's, “A Whole New Mind” (Brown, T. 2008), there are six aptitudes that are needed to be successful in the business world today. Playing at work is at the top of the list. Playing puts the mind back in the beginning stages, back to a childlike state of mind, where anything is achievable and possibilities are limitless. A childlike sense of curiosity will allow the employee to see everything with insight. It will initiate potential and invite curiosity, inner wisdom and inspiration. The playing skills people learned as children are not unneeded, they are a necessity. Hands- on learning are one of the building modes that are learned by young children. However, old habits start to form as children start to grow, and is nearly non-existent as they move through the education system in later years and enter the work force. Hands on learning or “role playing” are empathizing tools. Like children, employers should take role-playing more seriously. Fun at Work 4 Role play is important for putting themselves in the shoes of other people. This helps the employee and/or the corporations to look at the world and experiences from the consumer’s point of view. Some business leaders say play is simply entertainment - passive, and unchallenging. Society condemns the adults who dare play. However, when children feel secure in their environment, they sense they have freedom to play and open their minds. Should not corporations create the most secure environments for their employees, and encourage freedom, limitless creativity and play? An Opened State of Mind

A person’s state of mind is what limits or extends their creativity and the full expression of their talents and potential. There own thoughts determine the current state of mind, which can change at any moment. “When the past is let go, and they place their attention on the present, they will increase their potential, be happier at...
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