Fun and Engagement in the Workplace

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  • Published : June 13, 2012
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The term fun can be a highly subjective expression and may vary from person to person, especially regarding fun and engagement in the work place which will be the topic explored in this essay. For the purpose of this essay a definition of workplace fun is ‘playful, social interpersonal, recreational or task intended to provide amusement, enjoyment or pleasure’ (Lamm, Meeks 2009). This essay will examine whether fun and humour always have a positive impact on employee morale in the workplace. The issues that will be explored further throughout this essay include the notion of organised fun at work and its impact on employees and employers, the perception of fun from a managerial point of view, the place of boundaries in the workplaces in regards to fun, the different perspectives of fun in the workplace by various generations, the concept of being oneself in the workplace through the expression of fun in the workplace and the different rituals and types of fun expressed, its effects on workers and management and its place in the workplace. Organised fun in the workplace has become more accepted in work practice rather than just a passing trend as events such as planned activities like barbeques, days out for team building and picnics become more common within modern workplaces. This gives way to a certain dilemma in which fun becomes a forced part of organisational life rather than a naturalistic expression of emotions to distract workers from mundane tasks in the work place and also serve as a form of escapism from boredom and a coping tool when worker frustration sets in. This spontaneous type of fun is contrasted when the term ‘organised fun’ comes into play, whereas the later statement is more of an organic expression of emotions the latter can be viewed in a somewhat unenthusiastic fashion by some workers as it may be perceived as another tool for increasing performance and productivity (Bolton, Houlihan 2009). The argument presented in the article by...
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