Fun Activities in the Workplace-Organizational Behavoir

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Fun Activities in the Workplace
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Fun Activities in the Workplace

Fun activities should be required in the work place. Statistics have shown that employees who are involved in the company or by the company setting aside a day to show employees they are appreciated, stress levels are reduced, employees are happier and better able to provide the degree of customer service consumers come to expect. There are many types of “fun days” that a company can explore using. These “fun days” can include friendly competition between employees. Prizes could include a vacation for the employee who wins the competition.

One of the main benefits that occur when creating fun activities for employees is that it can improve and build teamwork for any company, especially larger companies where employees may not see or communicate with each other on a daily basis. When I was in the Marine Corps, every six months we had a mandatory fun day. The families of all Marines were invited to come. The officers and high ranking staff members would grill hamburgers and hot dogs for the Marines and their families. It is a tradition that the lowest ranking Marine eats first. It was easy to notice how the cohesion within our unit or battalion increased when these days occurred. Everyone was happy enjoying their day off. It allowed everyone to be able to spend time with their families. While stationed in Iraq, through all the haze and fog of war, there were days set aside for the unit to relax, as much as you could be in a warzone. Our platoon commander would get steaks from the chow hall. He will grill them for everyone in the unit. All of us were able to spend a few hours having a good time playing a sport, talking, or just being able to relax. These days helped the unit perform our duties better. We were able to “reset” our minds and focus more clearly on the task of security detail.

“Sometimes I can’t believe I have been here for seven months already,” admits one Razer...
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