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  • Published : March 28, 2010
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PROFILE FULLTEC AG A Executive Summary

Fulltec AG, Zug, Switzerland, was established in 1973 at Neuhausen am Rheinfall in Switzerland as a private limited company. The company has been taken over by Mr. Frank W. Bencsits in 2000 as the General Manager. He has been forming a fully new innovative R&D company for research and development of active natural substances for pest controlling (repellents as insecticides) since that time. Consequently the company’s activities mainly comprise R&D, but bio-insecticides and repellents are also produced and sold. Fulltec doesn’t sell its products under its own trademarks so far. The products are sold through thoroughly chosen international sales partners who resell under their own brand policies. As the results of intensive research, fully natural based active ingredients with highest activity and lowest toxicity were found in 2001. Fulltec is the patent holding company for these substances. Until 2005 most of the filed patents were granted in the EC and several overseas countries like USA, China, Hong Kong and Australia. In 2002 moved the company to its new modern site in Zug, Switzerland to expand and improve R&D and manufacturing. As these new natural based Active Substances don't have the broadly well-known negative characteristics shown by the common competitive synthetic products available on the market - above all regarding toxic effects – they will possibly completely change the way of pest control business in the near future. The inventions comprise different natural substances of two groups: Ingredients of the first group only repel and those of the second group kill and repel insects and acarides of all kinds. The main objective of Fulltec AG is to be a totally ecologically oriented company, developing and selling insecticide and repellent products containing exclusively natural based and lowtoxic active substances and ingredients. The Fulltec products are based on active ingredients obtained from natural sources by patented pure physical ways of extraction which the one group can effectively be used as Insect Repellent and the other group Insecticide. The production procedure of the active repelling ingredient consists of hydrating firstly under high pressure, followed by a vacuum and water steam treatment from natural oils and fruit acids; The insecticide actives are obtained by saturating of natural oils under comparable conditions. The range of possible applications is very wide, including but not limited to application on human, in the household, use for pets and other animals, as well as for plants. As a result, the available range of products is large and currently includes all possible methods of applications on pets, animals and human, e.g. Spray, Cream, Oil and Lotion as Insect Repellent, Lice Shampoo, Gel, Lotion and Cream, different variations for use against Dust Mites (prophylaxis and cure of Allergies!) as well as Insecticides in all conceivable forms of application. In this regard Fulltec offers concentrates also, which have to be post processed by the customers as well as “ready for use formulations” of all products. The worldwide markets for Insect Repellents and Insecticides are enormous, in the size of Billions of Dollars. The Fulltec products have been and still are extensively tested, both inhouse and in-field as well as by independent laboratories, for both efficacy and tolerance. Existing patents and registrations are representing a barrier of entry to potential competitors. With the current trend very clearly pointing towards substitution of toxic products, the market potential for Fulltec must be considered excellent. 1

Sales are and will be effected trough thoroughly selected business and sales partners with their own significant market presence in the respective fields and markets, which sell the products under their own brands and labels. Fulltec intends to continue with this strategy, as it allows a broader and faster international market...
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