Full-Time Housewife, Good for Family

Topics: Mother, Family, China Pages: 1 (405 words) Published: June 21, 2008
As far as I am concerned, it is good for China to have such a phenomenon that more than 30% of women in China prefer to stay at home taking care of their children and the housework. First of all, it is the traditional culture for Chinese women to stay at home taking care of their children and the housework. In the ancient China, hardly any women were in the working place. Women had told from childhood that they had to learn how to do housework and they had to assist their husbands and educate their children, which was called the duty of the wife at that time. In my opinion, though the society has developed, the deep-rooted traditional conception is still in many women’s mind. Therefore, women may think that it is their duty to take care of their family after being a wife, which is good for continuity of Chinese culture. More over, people have to face the fear competition in job hunting in the society, especially for women. Employment presents a great pressure in China due to its great population, abundant labor, economic restructuring and other social reasons. Women also have their weaknesses in many industries compare with the men. It is wiser for women to find good husbands and stay at home taking care of the family rather than to finding a good job in such fear competition.

Last but not least, even though women can find a good job in the fear society, it is very hard for them to keep balance between work and family. There are still many working mother in the society, and most of them will be condemned the ignorance of feeding and educating their children. In some families, the baby-sitters have already taken the place of the traditional role of wife and mother. They do all the housework, cook for the family and take care of the children. It may make the family lack of the harmonious sense of togetherness and cohesion among father, mother and children. In order to well educate the children and keep warn family, it is better for some working...
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