Full-time and Life

Topics: Full-time, Part-time, Intern Pages: 4 (1404 words) Published: September 15, 2012
1. Identify some of the challenges that Chris Gardner faced when trying to sell his bone density scanners.

There are many challenges that Chris Gardner faces selling the bone density scanners. The scanner represents many things to Chris. Firstly it represents money. Chris' challenge is to sell his scanners to help fund his and his son's life whilst he is completing his intership at Dean Witter. Secondly, the scanners represent a burden for Chris. They symbolise the challenges he had to ovecome in his life, in order for him gto move forward and establish a new life after the internship where he will have the financial stability to offer a better life for his son. The scanners represent many challenges, but they also offer hope.

2. What were some of the challenges that Chris' wife Linda had to face?

There were numerous challenges that Chris' wife Linda had to face. Ones that she had overcame and others that she had left unmended which were then made to heal themselves. One of those that were left to heal was the relationship she had with her husband and her son. A few reasons behind why it was left is bcause of the financial stress on her family which the role of providing a substancial income was then pushed upon her. But as bad as she may feel for leaving her son behind with her husband where their marriage was struggling due to the money burden they had accumulated. It was also to a more severe extent due to them having a child at the wrong time and not being able to support it properly.

3. List some of the risks that Chris Gardner Faced in getting the job at Dean Witter?

Some of the risks that come with Chris accepting the intership to be in the draw to gain a job at Dean Witter is that there was no real guarantee of a job and there was no salary for the six month durancy. He would also work long tiring hours, so he would have even less time to spend with his son. The major risk out of this intership was that with trying to go for the stockbroker...
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