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Topics: RMS Titanic, White Star Line, A Night to Remember Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: January 31, 2013

The People to Blame for the Reason Why the Titanic Sank
Do you ever think about the Titanic? Do you ever think about who was responsible for the Titanic sinking? Whose fault it was? Most people believe it was Captain Smith’s fault the Titanic sank. But it wasn’t just the captain’s fault it was different other people too. Other had a part in this wreck such as Captain Smith, the designer- Thomas Andrews, the captain of the Californian- Captain Lord, and the Titanic’s radio operators. Did you ever think that it would be so much people? Not one’s foolish decision made the whole Titanic to sink. If only these people didn’t make these decisions. If only they had listened to others, the whole ship may have gotten to New York safe and sound. Even if they had a wreck they may have still survived. One of the people who caused the wreck as you all may know is Captain Smith, For ignoring 7 iceberg warnings from other ships and his crew, and for speeding the ship. According to the website www.historyonthenet.com/Titanic/blame.htm has said reasons for why it was the captain’s fault. “Captain Smith ignored seven iceberg warnings from his crew and other ships.” Now some people think it’s the captain’s fault, yes it’s true, he ignored seven iceberg warnings. I mean in one day. I would have listened by the first one came along. Would you? According to another website www.webtitanic.net/framewireless.html that said the same thing about the seven warnings, “That day they received seven ice warnings. Captain Smith though, sped the ship up to 22 knots, and kept the Titanic going at that speed during the night…” He is also responsible because he was driving the ship at 22 knots and since the ship’s top speed was 25 knots that was a lot. He even drove like that during the night. That was very fast to them because back then they didn’t have technology that we have now. Another person that was responsible for the wreck was Thomas Andrews. He designed the...
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