Full Sentence Outline

Topics: Heart, Cardiology, Muscle Pages: 2 (620 words) Published: March 29, 2013
Full sentence Outline
Vidya Narad-Lutchman
Prof. Gregory
Thesis: The technological advances in Cardiac Electrophysiology keeps us living longer and healthier lives than the traditional Cardiac Care. I. The heart is an amazing muscle that requires two separate processes to beat normally; the electrical and mechanical component.

A. Theelectrical function of the heart is necessary to regulate the rate and rhythm of the heart's beats.
1. The exchange of chemicals within the heart's electrical cells creates the necessary spark that initiates our heartbeat.
2. Electricity runs along a very specific pathway within the heart.
3. If there is a dysrhythmia or disruption of the electrical flow within the heart it can create an abnormal heartbeat which can lead to bigger problems.
B. The human heart is about the size of a closed fist that starts beating at the tender age of 4 weeks post conception and does not stop until death.
1. Our heart is essentially a pump that beats about 35 million times a year.
2. The human heart is one big muscle that is made up of four major compartments.
3. Replenished blood is constantly pushed through the heart and circulated on out throughout the entire body. II. If either one of the 2 components of the heart ceases to function properly it can cause abnormalities in the performance of this great muscle.

A. Electrical instability within the heart can disrupt the pattern of the heartbeats.
1. Cardiac arrythmias are abnormal beats of the heart that can cause the heart to beat too fast or slow and can have deadly results.
2. There are quite a few cardiac arrythmias that can be fatal if not addressed immediately.
B. Any damage to the heart muscle itself can interrupt the regular beating of the heart.
1. Heart disease or Cardiomyopahty can cause the heart to function abnormally.
2. Heart murmurs are also caused by physical defects within the...
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