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Topics: Drug addiction, Addiction, Logic Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: June 5, 2012
Thesis: In today’s society, everyone takes some type of medicine for some reason. Because of this, the number of people addicted to drugs are on the rise. Drugs are so main stream that most think they are immune to becoming addicts. When they do realize that there may be a problem, most of the time it is too late.

I. Drugs are more harmful to your health than you might think
A. Studies have shown that drugs can cause damage to major organs.
1. Your brain functions can be stalled by continued marijuana use.
2. Meth is also a drug that can cause damage is the brain. It can affect your short and long term memory.
B. Drugs can continue to have a negative affect on your body ever after you discontinue use.
1. Studies show that after prolonged meth use, your brain does not function properly.
2. The brain damage is irreversible.

II. Even after initial exposure to drugs, some become immediately addicted.
A. Many meth users report that the high you get from meth last a lot longer than the high you get from other mainstream drugs. 1. These users also report that you can be high for up to three days. 2. The highs last so long that users report that they still fill high even after they stop using meth.

B. Addiction is a real disorder and it overtakes every area of your life.
1. Drugs became the main fixation for an addict.
3. Jobs no longer matter, families are nonexistent and some even turn to a life of crime just to get the drugs.

III. As time goes on, many addicts need more and more drugs to carry out day to day activities.A. Over time the body needs regular doses of drugs to function.
1. The more drugs are used, the worst the body suffers.
B. Your body deteriorates as you give in to the drug cravings.
1. This is why the damage suffered to the body is irreversible because you only focus on your next hit.
2. Your body suffers extreme physical damage.

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