Full Metal Jacket Movie Review

Topics: Vietnam War, Full Metal Jacket, United States Marine Corps Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Full Metal: Jacket Review

The Vietnam War was a long, bloody conflict that ended with the United States first major military upset. It had huge ramifications, globally and nationally. Many journalist and even film directors have tried to portray the war in all it’s entirety. Full Metal Jacket a film by Stanley Kubrick is unlike any other Vietnam move I’ve seen thus far. Full Metal Jacket could easily be separated into two short films. One following the lives of men in the Marine Corps as they endure brutal hazing during war boot camp. The other following the life Private Joker and the Green Troops.

The first part takes place in Parris Island, North Carolina, one of the United States Marine Corps basic training locations. The wise and foul-mouth Sr. Drill Instructor Hartman recruits naïve men and has to whip them into shape so the are prepared for Vietnam. Most of them make it through but Private Pyle. Private Pyle throughout the first half of the movie is unlike the other men in his department. He has many disadvantages that the other men do not. Sergeant Hartman makes it his sole responsibility to make him a better private. But instead o encouraging uplifting words he settles for brutal deeming antics that eventually make Private Pyle reach the end of his rope. Pyle ultimately has mental break down during the training and kills the Sr. Hartman and himself with an M-16 rifle loaded with "7.62 Full Metal Jacket" ammo. As the view we are able to learn of not only the hash conditions of the war itself but the injustice treatment of the sacrificing soldiers.

During the second half the green troops find themselves in Vietnam and begin to experience the war first hand. Private Joker becomes calloused and violent as the movie rolls on and he watches his buddies die at the hands of the Viet Cong. The Tet Offensive of the North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong in 1968 occurs in the film followed by the battle for the ancient city of Hue.

War is nothing like the...
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