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Topics: Ethics, Virtue, Socrates Pages: 4 (741 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Erica Sims
Ethics Final
Professor Mason

1) Define and explain the four ways to reach an ethical decision. A. Emotional
B. Majority
C. Logic
D. Fact

2) What are the two ways that most people use to make their ethical decisions? A. Emotional
B. Majority

3) Juxtapose the way to ways most people use to make their ethical choices with the concept of ethical validity in an Ethical/critical Thinking Paradigm

Ethical Validity means you have to base your choices on facts and logic

4) Explain what your own position is when it comes to making your own ethical decisions—Do you believe that they need to be ethically valid?—Why?

Yes, I believe they need to be ethically valid because it make a lot more sense to others when you base it on facts on logic and not just going by what others do or what you are feeling. Emotions and majority will end up just hurting you in the long run.

5) Should anyone [e.g., like your children] listen to you if your ethical decisions are not ethically valid? Why?

No, they should not have to listen to you because they should be able to create their own opinions on certain things using facts and logic. Everyone’s opinions are not always correct. I would try to guide my children on forming their own opinions using facts and logic.

6) What is the difference between a fact & an opinion?

Facts you have to be able to see and count.

Are facts more powerful than opinions? Why?

No, opinions are not valid. Facts are way more powerful because you can see and count them. Opinions are just someone’s own thoughts on something that have not used any logic.

7) Are all opinions equally valid? Why/Why Not?

No, opinions are not equally valid because there is no ethical validity and do not have any facts logic. Opinions are just formed on someone’s personal thoughts.

What makes your “opinions” anymore valid then anyone else’s?

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