Full Body Scan-Research Paper

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  • Published : October 18, 2011
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Full body scan-research paper

The 9/11 attack, the shoe bomber, and the Christmas day bomber (underwear bomber) are all examples of terrorism. These kinds of attacks have caused worldwide fear. As a result, governments have implemented safety regulations. One of these safety items is the new body scanner in airports. Random passengers are selected to go through the scanner. It detects contraband carried by people. Body scanners are a necessary safety requirement that all worldwide airports must have. It is important to understand how they work, why they are necessary and to convince doubters.

Full body scanning makes it difficult for terrorist to conceal weapons or bombs. People believe it is an invasion of privacy. The images are mine like a ghost-like outline. The other concern is the radiation is dangerous for the body. Full body scans are well within radiation standards. These scanners keep us safe from future terrorist trying to bring weapons and bombs on to the airplane that could harm passengers. Millimeter wave technology is what produces the whole body images under clothes. It reveals metallic and non-metallic objects under the cloths of people. Examples of some of these items are ceramic knives, bomb, firearms, and also explosive devices. Body scanning makes it a lot more difficult for the terrorist to conceal weapons and bombs.People believe it is invasion of privacy. Scanned body images are only silhouettes of peoples bodies they are not naked images. The images are viewed in a separate room and the security personnel viewing the images cannot see who is entering the scanner. This protects the privacy rights. The images are not stored; they are erased after security had viewed the image. People have the choice, if they do not want to go through he full-body scanner they can go through the traditional pat-down procedure with a transportation security officer, which takes more time. A body scan takes between 15 and 30...
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