Fuel Cell Cars

Topics: Natural gas, Internal combustion engine, Electric vehicle Pages: 2 (587 words) Published: May 13, 2013
In this report we are going to talk about the fuel cell cars and the issues with burning gasoline and its causing global warming. Iwill cover how we have alturnatives in transportation and the pros and cons of each of them.

Global warming is a serious problem that the world is facing. Did you know that global warming increases the average tempature of the earths surface? This is due to the burning of fossil fules like coal, natural gases, and oil. These fossil fuels are what we burn in gasoline engines, factories and the electrical power plants that give power to our homes and offices that we working and live in everyday. Think about how much we have to burn each day just to keep our homes and offices going.

There are many other ways we can run out homes and offices, as well as transportation. If we take a look at our alturnatives in transportation alone we could possiably help save our world and stop or slow down global warming. Did you know we can use soybeans to make biodiesel fuel?

Hydrogen is a clean burning fuel and its an abundant energy source. This means that it is better for our world. The electric cars are another choice. These cars are powerd my electric this also is so much better than puting gases into our world. Compressed natural gas powered cars are clean burning and they are a reliable way to travle. This is the one that really cought my eye. Biodesel fuel can be made by soybeans. Soybeans are grown in farms and gardens. This soybean made biodesel fuel burns completely and produces less air pollution than gasoline and regural diesel. The hybrid cars combines an electric motor with a standard gasoline engine. The car sitting still will go from 0 to 30 or 35mph. The gasoline powered engin than kicks in and takes over. Looking back at all these choice we have in transportation most may seem great but this is just the goog things about each choice.

The hydrogen car has some issues like leakeage from a large amount of...
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