Fuddy Meers an Observation

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  • Published : April 10, 2008
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Fuddy Meers
Immediately after Limping Man jumped out from under the bed my laughter began and pretty much stayed throughout the entire play. It was certainly the most entertaining play I have ever seen. It is a dark comedy about a woman that has amnesia and wakes up each morning with a blank slate. On the particular day in which the play takes place she is kidnapped by a man who claims to be her husband who is saving her from a man that is trying to kill her, throughout the rest of the play there are various subplots and interconnections between the characters that are revealed. Though I suppose you could give the acclaim to David Lindsay-Abaire for writing it, I seriously think the role for Limping Man was nailed dead on by Warren Robbins making it that much better because everyone knows a script is nothing without a good set of actors. I believe that all the actors in the GTCC production of Fuddy Meers were pretty good, Robbins just stood out to me. The voice and mannerisms he chose to use for Limping Man seemed to match perfectly, his costume was not only hilarious but extenuated his persona well as did Robbin’s physical appearance, and he continuously stayed in character through the entire play.

Though I suppose Robbins talked like he did due to the fact that Limping Man’s face was disfigured and probably affected his voice it was still funny. The thing that was really the funniest were his lispy snickers and when he said things under his breath. I believe it really matched the character well because they were just really kind of pathetic sounding much like Limping Man himself with his half witted plan to escape prison with a crazy puppet hand guy steal his ex wife and go to Canada. The limp was pretty comical though I suppose it is nessacary and somewhat self explanatory that a character named Limping Man should indeed have a limp. Another thing that Robbins did that was really extraordinary was make him movements look very edgy, and...
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