Use the following themes and essential questions to guide your reading! Underline, highlight, do the key terms while you are reading! Key terms will be due on second day of each unit (usually Tuesday). Unit terms and the essential questions for the summer assignment are due the first day of school! Terms must ALWAYS be numbered and handwritten, never typed.

Unit I The Foundation of the North American Colonies[Summer]

Required Readings:Chapter 1: New World Beginnings
Chapter 2: The Planting of English America
Chapter 3: Settling the North American Colonies Chapter 4: American Life in the 17th Century Chapter 5: Colonial Society on the Eve of the Revolution Recommended Readings / Viewings:

▪ Amsco “Flag Book” Chapters 1-5
▪ The emergence of American cultural traits ▪ Regional ESP patterns and how they evolved ▪ The push-pull factors bringing colonists to the new world ▪ Comparison and contrast of regional economic, social and political patterns ▪ Puritanism, Anglicans and religious freedom ▪ Evolution of democracy, legacy of undemocratic practices ▪ Interaction between colonists and Native Americans ▪ Developments regarding religion

Essential Questions.
1.Were the Americas "discovered" or were they conquered?
2.Many of the early settlers felt that God had "paved the way" for their being here. What evidence did they find here that supported that feeling? 3.Know the differences in the approaches to exploration or colonization among those who showed interest in the Americas (Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, and English). Why were some of these successful and why were some failures over time? 4.What were the prevailing attitudes and behaviors exhibited by the European settlers toward the Native American population? 5.What type of...
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