Ftc vs Google

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Plaintiff :-
Federal trade commission USA

Defendant :-

Court:- United States District Court for the
Northern District of California


The Federal Trade Commission is the nation's consumer protection agency and one of the government agencies responsible for keeping competition among businesses strong. Its job is to make sure companies compete fairly and don't mislead or trick people about their products and services.

On August 8, 2012, the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”). filed a complaint alleging that Google Inc. (“Google”)violated a buzz consent order.

This action arises from Google’s alleged violation of a previous consent order with the FTC. In the prior action, the FTC alleged that when Google launched its social networking tool, Google Buzz, it used Gmail users’ private information despite telling those users it would only use that information for Gmail services. The FTC also alleged that Google misrepresented to its Gmail users hat it would not automatically enroll them in the Buzz network and that they could control what information would be public on their profiles. In October 2011, the FTC settled its Buzz investigation with Google through a consent order that prohibited Google from future misrepresentations regarding: (1) Its collection and use of private information and its customers’ control over that information (2) Its membership and compliance with privacy or security programs.

Plaintiff Claim :-

On August 8, 2012, FTC alleges that Google violated the first part of the Buzz consent order through the placing of cookies on users’ computers without their knowledge. Google uses cookies to collect information from users’ web browsing activity, and uses this...
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